Last Chance Joe, an iconic gold miner statue, once stood tall on Victorian Square in Sparks. The statue was lively and full of color, but over time, Joe has lost a bit of the life in him. His foundation is chipping away and his paint scheme is worn down.

"He does stand for a lot of Sparks citizens and what our community represents,” said Tandy Gach, the Sparks Museum manager. "He's got a protective cover on him at this time, and that's going to be there until we go through that process to get the funding to make sure that he's going to get done properly."

Gach says the community and members of the Sparks Museum are doing what they can to make Joe new again. However, fully restoring Joe will cost at least $25,000. Luckily for the museum, a new fundraising effort is in the works.

Nevadans can buy the Last Chance Joe license plates starting December 18th. 

"We have a waiting list of organizations that wish to get license plates issued to them, so Sparks was next in the queue,” said Alex Smith, public information officer with the DMV.

The plate costs $63.00 and $20.00 will go directly to the Sparks Museum for exhibit maintenance and Last Chance Joe restoration.

Residents who've grown up in the area say they're glad the purchase will go towards a piece of history.

"I think it's kind of a cool idea to do this as a way to get funds to help rebuild him,” said Tammy McKinney of Carson City.

If you’re interested in purchasing one of these new plates, you can find more information at