A sad little panda bear sits surrounded by everything that should make him happy at Christmas: candy canes, presents and the tree. Then there’s the budding 3-year old artist who takes the minimalist route, highlighting holiday lights. And a 7-year old seems influenced by Van Gogh, focusing on the brightness of stars on the darkest of nights.

They are Christmas cards that have a lot of heart, from kids who had a hospital stay in Reno. There are 6 different card designs, some from the littlest hospital patients in town. Renown Health Foundation Jessica Tischler told us, "We went to the patients and had them do art, and then we created our greeting card project."

Jessica says this is the 2nd year they've printed cards from pint-sized patients. They don't have to tell them what to draw. When it comes to Christmas, the kids already know. She tells us, "We always give them a pack of cards, and they just get excited and they feel like a real artist." Her personal favorite was drawn by Renown Children’s Hospital patient Kimberly, a 9-years old with cystic fibrosis. As Jessica describes it, "It’s an ornament that says 'hope' on it. And as a child in the hospital with cystic fibrosis, having hope is very important."

It's a dramatic, sobering and certainly bittersweet reminder that kids love Christmas. And no matter what their circumstances, they will pick the most beautiful, colorful images to represent their happiest of holidays. Tischler says, "When they're in the hospital during the holidays, when people come to visit and bring gifts and when Santa, it really lifts their spirits."

Seasonal joy, straight from the heart. 12 cards with envelopes are $20. Since the printing is donated, 100% of the proceeds go to Renown Children's Hospital. To order them online and have them delivered, click the link below: