The Nevada men's basketball team takes the floor against Idaho Friday night, tipping off the 2017 season with an 88 to 64 win.  The team is coming off a 28-7 season, winning the Mountain West regular season and tournament championships before it lost to Iowa State in the first round of the NCAA Tournament.  It was the team's first NCAA Tournament appearance in a decade.  Last year's success has fans ready for an encore.

"I'm really optimistic about our team this season," Caroline Perrino, Sophomore at the University of Nevada said. "I think we're going to do better than we did last year. I'm really excited for the season."

"I think we're going to be pretty good, this year," Corbett Fleming, Senior at the University of Nevada said. "Hopefully, we beat UNLV both times again."

Last year's success is showing up in ticket sales, with bigger crowds expected throughout the upcoming season.  Fans have bought nearly 1,000 more season tickets than they did a year ago, up from nearly 5,000 sold to almost 6,000.  A record 97 percent of season ticket holders renewed their seats from last year.

"I know, as an athlete, you enjoy seeing more people there, so I know they're going to enjoy it as much as the fans will enjoy it as well," Cameron Cole, Senior at the University of Nevada said.

"The university wants someone to get behind, and the basketball team's definitely the one," Fleming said. "It'll be a fun crowd tonight."

"No one wants to go see a team lose every week," Isaac Marcic, Senior at the University of Nevada said. "So, obviously by winning, you're going to get more people to come out, and it's going to spread word of mouth."

Winning is also good for Silver and Blue Outfitters. The Wolf Pack clothing shop sees a lot of customers in the hours leading up to game time.

"We definitely see a stream of people on game days, regardless of sport," Mark Glodowski, Owner of Silver and Blue Outfitters said. "As attendance goes, foot traffic goes. So the stream of people will increase this year, which is exciting."

Glodowski says new basketball apparel is on the way.

"We've got a lot of good stuff," Glodowski said. "It's not quite here yet. We've got the replica Battle Born jerseys, which everyone's asking us for, as well as a new collection of Nike product."

The Wolf Pack has 15 home games this year, and fans are hoping they win them all on their way back to the NCAA Tournament.

"I expect them to win the Mountain West," Cole said. "I don't know why not. I think they've got the team, and the talent to do it."

Players and staff from last year's team will get their championship rings, before the game, and three new banners will be unveiled in the rafters of Lawlor Events Center.