One Washoe County high school has raised its graduation rates so much that it's getting national recognition.

Sparks High School is a Title I school, meaning a majority of its students live below the poverty line. Just a few years ago, only 68 percent of its students were graduating. Last year, they raised that number to 89 percent.

"I'm extremely proud of those numbers," SHS Principal Kevin Carroll said. "If you look across the board in all of our subpopulations, there were huge increases."

Those increases got the attention of national education company Solution Tree. They've declared the high school a "Model Professional Learning Community," one of just thirty such high schools nationwide.

Carroll said they've worked hard to understand the data, improve teacher collaboration, and boost student performance, despite some real adversity.

"Our students are amazing," Carroll said. "Some of the situations they've living in, and they're coming to school every day trying to get the job done and graduate with a standard diploma. I'm just so proud of them."

Sparks High is the only school in the state to receive the honor. To see the full list of schools, click here.