The Wolf Fastop gas station near the University of Nevada, Reno, is known for its sign telling drivers to either pay an "arm" or a "leg" for fuel. The owner says that very same sign was vandalized because of his decision to take on the Kaepernick kneeling controversy.

According to the owner, Moe Alazawi, his sign was damaged because it said "Kaepernick - unemployed needs job, works good on his knees."

"In the back of my mind, it was going to happen," said Alazawi. "Some stupid idiot is going to take it personal. It's a joke. It's funny."

Alazawi doesn't know what was used to break through his sign, but no gun shell casings were found around the area. 

He does not regret putting up the controversial message and said, "I'm going to speak my mind. It doesn't matter what people think about it. If they want to express their opinion with violence that's fine. I just put up a funny sign to express my thought. I have the right to do it like anybody else."

Alazawi tells us he has filed a police report and that there was no other damage to the property. He will be going through security camera footage to submit to police. 

He has no plans to change the text or take down the sign.