The Boys & Girls Club of North Lake Tahoe partnered with Burton Learn to Ride and Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows to train elementary school kids how to snowboard without actually going to the mountain.

Today at Truckee Elementary School, kids used plastic boards to practice balancing, riding, and jumping among other things, to prepare them for hitting the mountain later on this season.

Jeff Biloba, Vice President of Global Resorts for Burton, said that Burton came up with this program five years ago to help get snowboarding to more kids.

"We came up with the idea to bring snowboarding into the gym as a part of physical education," Biloba said. "So we designed some learning-specific products that could be used in the gymnasium."

The Boys & Girls Club of North Lake Tahoe had done this program before, and decided to continue it because it was so successful. Development Director for the Boys & Girls Club of North Lake Tahoe Stephany Arroyo Jones said Burton's program is great for their cause, but the Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows contribution is vital to the program.

"They know how to work with kids, they know how to snowboard, they know exactly the skills they need to be successful," Arroyo Jones said. "And it's been a huge part of why the program has been a success."

After training on plastic boards and skateboards, the kids finally got a chance to strap into a snowboard and practiced jumping on a trampoline. While they didn't go up to the mountain today, all the kids will get a chance to go up this season to apply what they learned today.

"They live and breath in the mountains, and we wanted to give them the opportunity to get up on the mountain," Arroyo Jones said. "And experience what a lot of tourists and people come into our area to experience."

Kids Snowboard Supervisor for Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows Tyler King normally teaches young kids on the slopes. He said he couldn't pass up this opportunity to teach kids that might not otherwise get a chance to ride one of the best landscapes in the world.

"I want kids in all ages all levels to enjoy the sport as much as I have." King said.