The Nevada Firearms Coalition and Integrity Firearms Training is holding an education and training class to introduce women to firearms.

The course is created for women to have a fun and safe space for individuals who may or may not have shot a gun before. Instructors will teach how to safely load and unload a firearm and how to safely store it, which includes providing child firearm locks. They will also talk about how to have a conversation with your family on firearms.

They say they're not trying to get women to buy a gun but to see if having a gun is the right thing for them. "You will at least get a feel on if this is what you want to do and some women will never want to pick up a gun again and get a taser," says Randi Thompson, Executive Director for the Nevada Firearms Coalition. 

With the recent events, such as the Las Vegas and Sunday's shooting in Texas, the Nevada Firearm Coalition understands that the topic of gun safety and gun control are at the forefront of discussion, but they say having those discussions is just as important as knowing how to safely handle a gun. "How you get that gun really does matter and who is buying guns really does matter," says Thompson. 

This event will be Saturday, November 11th at the Carson City Gun Range is located off Highway 50, east of Carson, 4000 Flint Road in Carson City.

To RSVP email or call 775-830-8407.