With the Senate race just a year away, the progressive group NextGen came to the UNR campus Monday to try and find out which issues are important to young voters.  The topics ranged from ‘why women matter,’ to DACA resources, and everything in between. NextGen Nevada hopes to reach out to the young voters that they feel are being ignored by the current administration.

"We are learning what issues millennial's care about, and then we are going to stand up and act on those, so this is just a lot of data aggregation right now," said Lisa Straehley, the Nevada Campus Manager.

NextGen Nevada, which is the state chapter of NexGen America, hopes to use the information collected to narrow down the issues that young voters care about. They held five events today here in Reno, and sixty total nationwide in six different states.

Their goal is to get voters involved ahead of time with their 'one year out' slogan to build political momentum in advance of the key elections in 2018.

"By speaking up more, saying you know what needs to be done, I think that it helps. Definitely saying hey you may be in charge, you may be republican, these aren’t the views that you exactly agree with, but these are the views that we agree with. These are the things we want to see happen,” said freshman Anthony Willis.

NextGen plans on having events like these several times leading up to next year’s election cycle, and they say they want to encourage young voters to 'talk back and act up' to instigate real change. The election is exactly one year from today.