As part of what some are calling the 'Health Care Voters National Day of Action,' some voters signed a pledge today to send a message to Nevada's elected officials.

This meeting comes after several federal attempts to repeal the ACA. Amber Joiner, one of the meeting's organizers says, "We're hearing rumblings about maybe the individual mandate might go away, we're hearing concerns about cuts to medicaid and medicare."

Joiner added, with Monday marking one year until the midterm elections, the timing is crucial. She explained, "We're really concerned just about the average Nevadan having access to healthcare and wanting to make sure that our congress people are voting the right way on these healthcare issues."

Today, several healthcare voters signed a pledge, reading, in part, "I pledge to hold elected officials accountable and support those who fight to protect our care."

Several organizations showed up in support of the message, including the Northern Nevada Literacy Council. Susan Robinson, Executive Director of the Literacy Council says she showed up because "It is a matter of life and death."

Robinson explained her reasoning for signing the healthcare pledge, Monday. She told us that the Literacy Council teaches more than 1000 students. About half of those students, she says, are working on their G.E.D., and the majority of the others are adults learning English for the first time.

The majority of those students, Robinson says, live below the poverty level, "They're not working full-time where they do have access to benefits or they're working minimum wage jobs that don't offer insurance, either."

Organizers also stressed the importance of signing up for Marketplace insurance as soon as possible, with just over a month left until the December 15th deadline.

For those who need help signing up for ACA insurance, the Northern Nevada Literacy Council is offering enrollment assistance to the community. You can contact them by phone at: 775-356-1007 or visit their website here.

Or, you can visit the Nevada Health Link website to find in-person assistance with an insurance professional near you.