It’s "daylight saving" today, and while you're changing your clocks back, the Nevada Department of Public Safety suggests you do the same for your smoke detectors.

  "You should change your batteries or your clocks whenever the time changes, so that's twice a year, and you should have a regular pattern in place to check the functioning of your smoke alarms at least once a month," said Nevada State Fire Marshal Bart Chambers.

Checking your smoke alarms and changing the batteries may be an annoyance, but the few minutes it takes may just save your life.  This year alone, Nevada has had 14 fire related fatalities, and the fire marshals say that the most recent one might have been prevented if there was a working smoke detector.  The National Fire Prevention Association reports that three of every five home fire deaths resulted in homes without a smoke alarm.

                 But an early warning system for fires is just the start.

"Seconds count, know two ways out. Have two locations you can escape from any place in your home, and have a meeting location outside your home. If there is a fire, make sure you do not go back into the building, and wait until the fire department arrives."

The Fire Marshals say that while you are checking your smoke alarm, it’s also a good idea to make sure you're carbon monoxide detector is working properly. The NFPA recommends you change out your old smoke alarms every 10 years, and of course check those alarms every month.