The highly-anticipated iPhone X has finally been released, pleasing Apple lovers across the world and right here in Reno.

People began lining up along the Apple store before midnight. Even into Friday afternoon, foot traffic at the Reno Apple store location was non-stop.

This included not only customers who pre-ordered the X, but also those who showed up without a pre-order, hoping for a chance to snag a limited iPhone off of the shelves, in-store.

One proud owner of the newest edition of iPhones, Robert Toscas, traveled to Reno all the way from Roseville, California, to pick up his pre-order. He said the drive through the snow over the summit was well worth it, "I've literally been here for about 10 minutes, and I've already gotten my phone."

Another tech-savvy customer, John Jusayan, says he has pre-ordered the latest edition of iPhones since their inception. Jusayan says he does not mind staying up until the wee hours of the morning to make sure he has his pre-order secured.

It's not just fun and games with the new release, though. Jusayan says he is an iPhone app developer who needs to stay up-to-date with the latest Apple technology to test out his developments. 

Friends, James Massey and Scott McMartin, showed up at the Apple store today without a pre-order. They were lucky to snag two limited supply iPhone X's off of the stores' shelves. Massey was surprised at how quickly he was able to buy one, "It was very fast, actually, considering all the people."

Apple stores say new iPhone X orders won't ship for another five to six weeks, but the good news is that some earlier orders are starting to ship a bit ahead of schedule. 

You can check your iPhone delivery status here