The Mojave Mental Health Clinic, a component of the University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine, will be closing its doors by the end of the year.

This February, the university and the Nevada Department of Health and Human Services decided it was best to cease services at Mojave. The clinic, funded completely by patient revenue, has been operating under a deficit of hundreds of thousands of dollars for the past several years. 

"These patients would be best served by other providers in the community," said Jeremy Alltop, senior associate dean of administration and finance. “This is a very small modest clinic."

Mojave is working to transition its 485 patients, the vast majority who are on Medicaid, to other mental health facilities in the area. That includes patients like Richard Garcia, who says he is sad to see the clinic close.

“This place helped me a lot for the time being, you know I've been here since 2016 or 2015,” Garcia said.

Mojave says they are looking at each individual patient's situation to see which facility best fits their needs, and Garcia says, although he is hesitant to switch doctors, Mojave has helped him transition to sierra regional center. 

Several clients will transfer to Northern Nevada Hopes and other health centers across the area.

Case management workers will track the patients' progress to make sure they are adapting well to their new providers.

Mojave will officially close its doors on December 31st.