One month after her first visit to Nevada Center for Dermatology, Deborah Kytle is back for progression pictures. "Go ahead and turn to the left." Dermatologist, Dr. Cindy Lamerson is documenting the changes Deborah is seeing to her face. The 63 year old is trying a relatively new treatment that involves using her own blood to erase fine lines. "I'm all in, yeah, I'm excited," she says as she rolls up her sleeve to fill more than a half-dozen vials with blood.

The Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) treatment is also known as a Vampire Facelift. "As we age,” explains Dr. Lamerson, “We actually lose a lot of subcutaneous tissue, so we'll hollow out in the cheek area and we can build that up. You can build up around the temples and even around the eyes."

Here is how it works. Dr. Lamerson takes about 20-30cc of Deborah's blood and spins it down in a centrifuge. The red blood cells settle at the bottom and the yellow liquid on top is platelet-rich plasma. "You get a very high-concentrated platelets, plasma and white blood cells. You take those and inject them back into the skin as a filler.” She is able to fill two syringes with the natural filler which women, in particular, often use on certain areas of the face. “Sometimes it's the nasal/labial folds… sometimes they have those little marionette lines." The dermal and subcutaneous injections create an inflammatory response - as if there's a wound and that helps the body create more collagen to repair the affected area. By generating more collagen - your skin appears thicker, fuller and more youthful.

Just after one treatment, Deborah already sees improvement - without looking completely different - which is what she wants. "I just want to look refreshed, that's what I want.”

Dr. Lamerson says most patients will need between three and six treatments which cost between $1,000 and $1,500 each. As opposed to traditional fillers, this treatment takes times to work. So, she says, it is not for people who want immediate gratification. If you are interested in this natural approach to freshening up your look, you can reach the Nevada Center for Dermatology at (775) 827-8100 or log on to: