It might be the beginning of November, but we are still in fire season.

"When you have wind and when you have fuels, it does not matter the time of year, you can still have a wild fire," said Fire Chief Charles Moore.

We can get some of our strongest winds in both fall and winter, especially when a storm rolls through here. The cause of the fire might be different this time of year, but the intensity is just as high. Our upcoming winter storm will be on the weaker side, but wind gusts could still top 40mph at times.

"It seems like, in the last five years, we've never really gone out of fire season," said Moore.

Not to mention we're still dry too. The wind usually comes before the rain and snow.

"We're still on guard. The wetting rains have a temporary effect. And they may have an impact for about a week," said Moore.

The sagebrush is not going anywhere either. It will be dead for a while, not good if power lines go down. It generally takes a significant amount of wind to bring them down, but if they do, it can cause a fire. All kinds of things can get stuck in them too, like balloons and even birds.

If there's enough wind or even snow, power outages become a problem. NV Energy says they can repair a down line pretty quickly, but a down pole can take several hours. Healing from a fire takes a lot longer.

"Peculiar that some of the worst fires that we've had, like the little valley fire, have been around fall," said Moore.

After a busy summer fire season, let's hope the month of November will be more kind. If you do notice a down power line, make sure to call 911.