A federal investigations report reveals that a double-fatality accident at a mine east of Elko was caused by unenforced policies, lack of communication and ineffective traffic rules.

SSR Mining Inc. says 60-year-old Pete Kuhn and 39-year-old Omar Bernal were riding in a van that was run over by the haul truck near Valmy on October 31st at the company's Marigold Mine near Valmy.

The report by the Mine Safety and Health Administration states that the van operator failed to make radio contact with the mobile equipment operator and parked in the haul truck's blind spot.

The federal agency cited the mining company for a violation of the Code of Regulations regarding traffic control.

The company has since updated its policies and procedures, and added information about blind spots awareness and communication in its new training materials.

Seven trainees in the van were treated for minor injuries and released from an area hospital. The driver of the haul truck was hospitalized for treatment of shock.

(The Associated Press also contributed to this report.)