Open enrollment for insurance through the Affordable Care Act starts Wednesday, and officials are urging residents to sign up as soon as they can. 

There are some big changes in store for this open enrollment period, including a shorter deadline. Last year, people were able to sign up through the marketplace for 90 days; this year, they have just 45. That window runs from November 1st to December 15th. 

This shortened enrollment period comes after the Trump administration created a market stabilization rule which cut it in half. 

Nevada residents can access the marketplace through the Nevada Health Link website here. Consumers can shop the marketplace 24 hours a day during the enrollment period except Saturdays from 9 P.M. until Sundays at 9 A.M. During those times, the marketplace will undergo mandatory maintenance checks.

Shortened enrollment and blackout times aren't the only thing that's changed this year. Heather Korbulic, Executive Director of Silver State Health Insurance Exchange explains, "We went from four carriers to two and so there will be changes for a lot of our consumers who will no longer have an Anthem plan or Prominence plan.

That change comes after one of Nevada's carriers left the marketplace earlier this year, leaving 14 out of the state's 17 counties without insurance. There was concern that these counties would lose coverage. However, Korbulic says, after working with Governor Sandoval's office--a plan was put in motion to make sure residents in those rural counties remain covered.  Now, Korbulic says those residents will automatically be re-enrolled into a similar plan under a different carrier, even if they don't shop. 

For first-timers or even returning consumers, Korbulic strongly advises all marketplace consumers to use Nevada Health Link's website to find in-person assistance. Consumers can search by address or area code to find a professional near them and make an appointment. Those who live in rural areas can receive help from a professional over the phone. 

They're offering assistance in several languages other than English, including Spanish and Mandarin, among others. 

Nevada Health Link officials say they are looking to make the process as easy as possible for first-timers or even returning customers. They are holding an "Open Enrollment Kickoff Event" on Wednesday, Nov. 1 from noon to 7 P.M.

There, Nevadans can receive help from licensed enrollment professionals finding health coverage that best fits their needs. 

It will be held at the Reno-Sparks Convention Center, Room A20, 4590 S. Virginia St., Reno, NV 89502.