The University of Nevada, Reno is telling fans to be aware of bats living in the Lawlor Events Center.

"Somehow, someway, they found their way into Lawlor Events Center and I guess they're enjoying the environment here because they're not leaving," said Nevada Athletics Director Dough Knuth.

They say, as a precaution, fans are being asked to not touch a bat and should contact a staff member for assistance if a bat is spotted. 

The University has been told these bats are not harmful and pose no public risk.

Recently, Lawlor Events Center has experienced an influx of Brazilian bats. They tell us over 80,000 Brazilian bats make northern Nevada, specifically under the McCarran Bridge, their home from spring to late September. They then migrate to Mexico in October. The warm weather has made many of them stay in the area. 

The University has been working closely with the Nevada Department of Wildlife to remove these bats, a protected species, from the facility over the last two weeks. They say they have relocated a large number of the bats. However, there are still a few within the building. 

"We've advised UNR to try and open some of the larger doors," said NDOW biologist David Catalano. "We can't really do any trapping in that facility because it is so large."