What do you do when you have a thirst for knowledge and energy to burn?  

If you're this week's Someone 2 Know, you devote yourself to three wildly different careers.

Like the tens of thousands of bees in the hives he keeps, Albert Sindlinger is busy;  "…teacher, beekeeper, firefighter - just an interested human being," says Albert.

That interest in learning has been a lifelong passion.

"I guess when I was a kid I took the Curious George books to heart and I was just curious about a lot of things,” remembers Sindlinger.

At this point, Al has three careers - one of those is as a beekeeper, something he pretty much learned through books and trial and error.  "All the things bees do and it makes you get an understanding of nature and how it works. It's just fascinating."

It's also sweet...a few times a year Sindlinger can be found harvesting liquid gold from his bee hives. 

And if you've tried Al Bees or Murry Ranch honey, you tasted the fruit of his labor.

Nine months a year, you can also find Sindlinger in the classroom at Argent Academy in Carson City. He's been teaching for 27 years.

"He takes on all of the course loads for math,” says Krystal Hoefling, the principal at Argent. “He's the only math teacher right now and he also asks if he can take on electives like study skills or geography.”

"Working with kids is awesome. Kids will surprise you,” says Al. “Their points of view and all that - they look at the world differently."

And if that's not enough, during his summer breaks, Sindlinger works as a firefighter. He's been doing it for 28 seasons and still loves the physical and mental challenge. "It's either instant action or boredom. You're waiting at a base for a fire, but then when it does, I don't know, there's a certain amount of adrenalin rush."

Al admits he may be a bit hyperactive, but he does get a lot done.

"He's got so much going on. He's a very very busy man,” says Hoefling, laughing.

"I mean, you just gotta do it,” says Al. “You can't make excuses and, you know what I mean, I don't want to leave the planet with any regrets."

Up next, Sindlinger says he'd like to travel and study ancient civilizations!

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