If you do not have time to get your children to the pediatrician's office or the pharmacy, you might be able to get your kids vaccinated for the flu season at school! Since 2009, Immunize Nevada and the Washoe County Health District have teamed up to make this happen. Typically, they serve about 20 schools each flu season. So far this year, 10 schools have signed up to participate:

October 24 – Booth Elementary
November 1 – Smithridge Elementary
November 2 – Allen Elementary
November 7 – Palmer Elementary
November 8 – Hunsberger Elementary
November 9 – Dunn Elementary
November 15 – Taylor Elementary
November 16 – Towles Elementary
December 5 – Diedrichsen Elementary
December 6 – Mathews Elementary

Parents need to sign a consent form and list allergies. If available, they must send a copy of their insurance card, too. HIPAA forms will also be provided. Any family can opt-out of the flu shot clinic. No one will be turned away. All donations received by Immunize Nevada keep this program free for students.  Immunize Nevada encourages everyone - six months and older - to get the vaccine. Speak with your doctor about any possible allergies your child might have to the flu vaccine or the ingredients used to make it. To learn more, log on to https://www.immunizenevada.org/.