The Union hosted a grand opening party to celebrate the opening of its brewery and coffee shop. The restaurant opened June 8th and will now include beer made at the restaurant that will be available immediately and a coffee shop that will be open next week.

Carson City Supervisor for Ward 2 Brad Bonkowski said the redevelopment plan they created 5 years ago was meant to make downtown more welcoming, and The Union is one of the final stages of that development plan.

"So the idea was just to create businesses and a place for the residents to come down, hang out, enjoy themselves, and just have fun," Bonkowski said.

Bonkowski said they still have some storefronts to fill before downtown will have the feel they were striving for, but they're in the process of adding things to the area. In fact, just behind The Union on Curry St., a building with residential, commercial, and retail space.

The city has also changed S Carson St. by widening sidewalks and reducing speed limits in order to make downtown safer for pedestrians.

While the goal of the plan was to make downtown more welcoming, it's purpose now is also to bring people to Carson City, since far fewer people travel through it since the highway extension was completed.

"We knew when the freeway bypass was finished that it would severely impact the traffic coming through downtown and it would bypass it," Bonkowski said.

"Tonight is kind of like when you unpack that last box after a big move," Nick Meyer General Manager at the Union, said. "It's kind of like you're home; it's official; you're here."

Mark Estee, a partner of The Union, said he always tries to focus on the things they can control, so while the expansion happens around them, they'll do what's best for Carson City.

"They could freeways and highways and tubes and all that kind of stuff around us we don't care," Estee said. "It's whatever is best for the community."

Estee and his partners showed their support for the community tonight by donating all of the proceeds from today's grand opening to the Boys & Girls Club and the Green House Project.