A man, 30-year-old Alverse Jeffrey Taylor from Stockton, California, was sentenced to up to 19 years for drug-related charges in Washoe County District Court Monday. Taylor was sentenced for one count of trafficking in a controlled substance and one count of possession of a controlled substance for sale.

Taylor will have to serve a minimum of over five and half years in prison before becoming eligible for parole.

Taylor is a documented Northside Gangster Crypt and was previously arrested in connection with a gang sweep coordinated by the Stockton Police Department in April.

Detectives arrested Taylor as part of a drug trafficking prosecution that stemmed from a 2015 investigation initiated by the Regional Crime Suppression Unit (RCSU). The investigation centered on an area of Reno that was experiencing a spike in drug activity and violence believed to be connected to the drug trafficking from California, particularly the Stockton area.

RCSU detectives initially made contact with Taylor in the area of Wells and 6th street after he was seen pulling into a parking lot and placing an item into the front of his pants.

RCSU detectives began following Taylor and pulled him over on a traffic violation. They then searched Taylor’s vehicle, finding over 23 grams of heroin hidden inside a pocket sewn into Taylor’s underwear.

Detectives also seized over 14 grams of Alprazolam (Xanax) and 19 grams of Marijuana from Taylor’s vehicle.

At sentencing, Deputy District Attorney Jeff Hoppe highlighted Taylor’s six prior felony convictions, his continued gang involvement and criminal activity, and the danger to the community individuals like Taylor pose, emphasizing how the defendant traveled to our area with the sole intent to import illegal drugs from Stockton into Washoe County.