On Thursday at the UNR campus, university police are cracking down on bicyclist and skateboarding violations.

As we all know, the student population is growing in size, but so are concerns about their ability to travel around campus safely.

“It's the fastest way to campus for me; it's about a 15 minute ride to and from campus, said student Alex Montoya.

"I think biking is a great way to get around campus and meet friends and even just get to the library,” said graduate student Satesh Peri.

But riding a high-speed vehicle around large groups of people comes with responsibilities. University police are encouraging all members of the campus community to use this type of equipment as a way to get around. But campus police are keeping a sharper eye out for violators because of a recent string of complaints and injuries.

"Where to walk through, where they are permitted to ride and then just a little bit about speeds and safety,” said Assistant Police Chief Todd Renwick.

Violations of university policy can lead to a $100 fine. But rather than having to charge people for disobeying the rules, UNR police hope people will instead educate themselves on what's safe.

"I do try to stay off the sidewalk and on the bicycle path areas as much as possible,” said Montoya.

For more information about university bicycling policies and links to a map that show where you can ride and where you need to dismount, click on the links below: