A group set up by the Reno Rodeo Association and the Washoe County Sheriff's Office showed their solidarity for the Las Vegas shooting victims by walking from the Reno Arch to the "Believe" sign and then holding a short ceremony.

The ceremony included prayers and a moment of silence that lasted 58 seconds, one second for each victim.

Bill Summy, President of the Reno Rodeo Association, said they needed to do something to show support for our neighbors down south, so they figured walking with law enforcement was the best way to do it.

Washoe County Sheriff Chuck Allen said it was humbling to receiving the invite and knew the office should be a part of it.

"I think we all reflect and we all grieve in different ways," Allen said. "And I'm kind of a private person, but as Sheriff I felt this was an important thing to do, and I was glad to do it to share some thoughts and comments with the group."

Allen spoke to the group about his experience when he learned about the shooting. He said the audio and visuals made him think back to 9/11, specifically to the two planes hitting the towers. He said the tragedy 10 days ago was another reminder of the circumstances we face.

"Even though we're the freest country in the world," Allen said. "We're not exempt from tragedy, and it can happen anywhere."

Summy and Allen both talked about the unity the state has to show in times like these. Allen said while Las Vegas is 440 miles away, we are still one state and one community.

"It's just amazing to see how many people who live in Northern Nevada had a loved one that was at that event and either lost a life or was seriously injured." Allen said.