A Canadian performer is making a splash in the U.S. - and recently made it to the finals on the popular show “America's Got Talent.”

Now Sara Carson is bringing her unique talent to Reno. We got a sneak peek of a performance that will debut next month.

If you watch “America's Got Talent” you're already familiar with Sara and her dog Hero. Just a few months ago, Sara and her canine companions captured viewer's attention with their creative and enthusiastic performances.

But Carson won over hearts with the story of how she came to be a dog trainer at the tender age of 15;  "Well, at the time I wasn't allowed to get any more dogs, so I opened my own dog training facility and I had about 40 clients a month and I was good at it, I guess."  She started by training her own dog when she was nine years old, using YouTube video as guidance.

Now Sara works with rescue dogs - teaching them elaborate performances - but she says it's the dogs that have rescued her.

"Once I got Hero, that's when everything turned around,” says Sara. “So, I got Hero when I was 16 and then, not even a year later we were on David Letterman. And then I started touring for a living - after graduating college of course - I had to get a degree."

What Sara didn't get was the support of her family. When she decided to take her training skills and show on the road - Sara was told she was on her own; "They were probably a little scared for me going out there and doing something quite different than what most people do.” Sara recalls, “But, it's life - I've basically accepted it now."

Carson works with her dogs constantly- she has three right now - using positive reinforcement to teach them a lot more than just tricks;  "You can train your dog to walk in public, but then you have to train your dog to perform in front of thousands of people with lights and cameras and that's quite a different thing" she explains.

And if the happy grin on Hero’s face is any indication, Sara’s sidekick is just as thrilled about performing as she is.  You can catch their holiday show next month right here in Reno

Sara and Hero will be part of “The Unbelievables Christmas Extravaganza” playing from November 21st through December 31st in the Eldorado Showroom.

For tickets or more information https://www.eldoradoreno.com/entertainment/shows

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