The sixth Annual Reno Bites Week kicks off Monday morning as more than 20 local chefs gear up for the weeklong event.

This year's theme is Reno Bites Road Trip, as each chef has to come up with a meal inspired by their favorite road trip. 

2016 Reno Bites Week Chef Showdown winner Josh Deri of Blend Catering is doing multiple dishes inspired from two different road trips him and his wife took. "We took two cross country road trips, one from here to Florida, Florida to here, two different routes. We ate at multiple amazing restaurants and got inspiration from all of them and created a menu for Wednesday out of all of them." 

Multiple restaurants will be participating this year which allows the community to come together and help out these local business owners. "It draws a huge crowd that these restaurants may not get, maybe some people have not been to that restaurant so they come and try it out at Reno Bites Week," explains Deri. 

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