One of the biggest Reno Halloween attractions is finally open, but turning the Greater Nevada Field into a Halloween attraction is no easy task.

Crews start planning in February to get more ideas on how to scare their guests. This year they are giving a portion of their proceeds to a local charity as well as giving some locals a chance to learn new skills outside of the classroom. "The Washoe County School District Children in Transition, they are our charity so they get a portion of our proceeds and we also work with Northern Nevada Job Corps, so they are on site training for the job corps students. They come out and work with us as well," says Fright Fest Production owner Eli Kerr. 

Some of the job corps students say they're happy to get real world experience. "They are giving Job Corps a chance, when there are plenty of people around here that are more skilled than we are but they call us up and its because we like to work," says student Zackary Sharfin.

For the actors, being a part of something that gives back to the community is rewarding. "One of the hardest things for them is to get on-site experience, and this place helps loads of kids every year and they get to learn how to do their job and do it properly," says actor Stuart Sorter. 

They also added 'Family Friendly Sundays' where kids can ride the 'Terror Train',. For more information on Slaughterhouse visit: