Malinda Baldridge is one of the hundreds of victims who were shot that tragic Sunday night in Las Vegas. It's something she'll have to live with for the rest of her life.

Bullet fragments remain inside her body, a constant physical reminder of this tragedy. 

Malinda recounts the night she and her 16-year-old daughter were wrapping up their girls trip. The ending to their relaxing vacation, quickly turned into tragedy. She says, "It sounded to me like firecrackers, like 3 or 4 then it was really quiet for a couple minutes and then all of a sudden, you just heard more and more and more. There was just gunfire everywhere."

After the first round of gunfire, reality hit. Baldridge says, "I knew what was going on with this girl sitting next to us, bleeding to death...She fell to the ground, bleeding, and her boyfriend was screaming for help.

Malinda and her daughter jumped in to action. They both began plugging the girl's gunshot wounds. 

Then, came the second round of gunfire, "I got on top of my daughter and that's when i was shot in the leg."

Her daughter then dragged her across the lawn, trying to get to safety. Police were yelling for everyone to stay low, and get down. In that moment, Malinda knew this could be it. 

She called her husband, trying to leave a goodbye voicemail, but all she could manage to get out, were screams for help. 

Clearly shaken up, but focused on survival, they made their way to a truck--where a complete stranger helped them in and took them to the hospital. 

There, doctors determined her daughter was unharmed, but Malinda had been shot twice in the back of her upper thigh. There were two clear entrance points for the bullets, but only one exit wound. Malinda adds, "I'm stuck with bullet fragments and part of a bullet in my leg for the rest of my life."

While those wounds will forever be physical reminders of that horrific night, the emotional trauma also remains. The girl they tried to save ended up being one of those that passed away. That realization still has them in shock, especially since Malinda's daughter had been standing in that exact spot earlier in the night. In fact, the girl and her boyfriend had asked Malinda and her daughter if they could move to a spot in front of them. 

They realize how closely they came to meeting that same fate. 

When asked how to best express the raw emotions from that night, Baldridge answers, "Nightmare, absolute nightmare."

Malinda is currently in physical therapy for her gunshot wounds. She says both she and her daughter will also explore counseling to help them recover. emotionally.