October 4th is National Youth Science Day, and for the tenth time in the state of Nevada, kids are able to participate in a 4-H challenge.The theme this year is designing your own fitness tracker or incredible wearable. The gadgets are somewhat programmed before hand, but the kids can design it by moving pieces around and decorating it. After building their fitness tracker, the kids plug it into an app which shows the different functions, like heart rate or body temperature. The kids also get to decide where they want to put the fitness tracker, like on their wrist, ankle or neck. What makes kids great engineers is their imagination and curiosity.

"Most science happens in exploration and discovery happens from just getting in there and doing it," said Sarah Chvilicek of the University of Nevada Cooperative Extension. 

We talked to one girl who has a passion for science. She loves to invent stuff. 

"My favorite part is when it's your creation, like you get to create something that's yours," said future scientist Chloe Eobson. 

The goal of the challenge is not to declare a winner but to simply bring more interest into the world of science and technology. Not only to boys but also to girls. Around 90 kids are participating in the challenge this year for Reno alone. Kids in Elko and Carson City are participating this year as well.