The Nevada Department of Transportation has a network of sophisticated cameras that help maintenance crews, law enforcement, and you to get where you're going safely.

Seventy-five cameras are scattered throughout northwestern Nevada to bring you real-time views of our roads. The power behind those cameras start at the open 24-hours a day Road Operations Center in Reno. 

The people who work there are controlling and watching the cameras to help pinpoint roadside emergencies and when inclement weather hits, getting crews to the right places.

The need for more cameras is growing as our roads become busier. Right now, NDOT is working on more in the North Valleys on 395 where there are only six cameras for 13 miles between Parr Boulevard and the state line. 

“We're constantly looking to grow and enhance that network,” said Meg Ragonese, Public Information Officer for NDOT. 

But easier said than done. Funding is a big factor but video signals and power are also obstacles to seeing more of these around town. 

The cameras really are the big brother worth getting to know.

“It also provides drivers an inside look at the road ahead. They can log onto and check out those cameras and see the road conditions for their ride ahead.”

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