A Reno couple recounted witnessing the tragic Las Vegas mass shooting, realizing just how close they came to a similar fate dozens of others met that night. 

Lorie and Joseph Rankin were there celebrating their wedding anniversary. They decided to celebrate it at the Route 91 concert since they got married following the same concert just a couple of years back. 

What they did not know, was that their celebration would soon turn into what seemed like a nightmare. 

Just minutes after a toast and cheers to their anniversary, the Rankins and their friends heard what they first believed to be fireworks. But, after seeing the lights go out and the main performer running off stage, they quickly realized someone was shooting, they just didn't know from where.

They immediately hid behind a large shipping container and debated whether or not to run when the first round of gunfire ceased. Lorie recalls, "It'd be gunshots and then it'd stop--and then it'd do it again--and then it'd get closer, and you didn't know." Joseph recalls what he was thinking in the moment of disbelief, "Is this a terrorist attack? Are we at war now?"

When they finally managed to make their escape, they said the scene was unimaginable. Joseph remembers, "They brought out a guy that they were carrying out, someone had put a black rubber glove--they had poked it into the hole of his back, to plug his back. Another guy they brought out there was trying to hold the side of his face on." 

Lorie adds, "It was, it was very surreal. And it's still--doesn't even seem like--it was a horror movie."

The Rankins and their friends sought shelter in several nearby hotels before walking ten miles around the airport to a gas station. There, a family friend who lived nearby, was able to pick them up and take them to safety. 

Fortunately none of them were physically hurt, besides some cuts and bruises. However, it's the emotional scars that will stick with them.

The Rankins say this tragic night will always be in the back of their minds.