There were multiple vigils across the city of Reno tonight to honor and remember the victims of the Las Vegas shooting last night. It was a starting point for some citizens who haven't experienced or felt a tragedy like this hit so close to home.

"You always hear about these events but they always seem so far away," Ed Donofrio, University of Nevada, Reno student, said. "And just the proximity of the situation really hit home for me and a lot of my friends."

Donofrio said the candlelight vigil held at the city plaza by the "BELIEVE" sign was the first he had ever attended. That's something one of the organizers, Chip Evans, finds fulfilling when hosting these events.

"The most important thing about these vigils," Evans said. "Is simply the support we give to each other, the relationships we develop, around supporting each other."

There were prayer vigils held at St. John's Presbyterian Church and Ministerio Palabra De Vida, where people reflected on the events that occurred and how they can change their lives because of it. Rev. Dr. James Young of St. John's has helped with disaster relief efforts, and a tragedy of this size makes him think of the devastation.

"When something like this happens," Young said. "It just feels like the ground is pulled right from under you."

At Ministerio Palabra De Vida, I spoke with Dan Dix, a Reno resident who took this time to reflect on himself and the world he lives in.

"Just trying to find the right answers with a lot of big questions," Dix said. "And a lot of sadness and tragedy that goes on around us."

Dix works with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and knows one coach who was shot in the lung, one student-athlete who is paralyzed, and one student-athlete who died. He said he's not sure if he has any right answers, but he believes the self-reflection allows him to help others to the best of the ability and thinks others should do so more often.

So I think the more often we do that, the more regularly we do that," Dix said. "And the more we choose to be on the side of right, that we'll probably improve as a society."

If you would like to attend a vigil there is another candlelight vigil happening at the University of Nevada, Reno. The event starts at 7 p.m. and people will gather in front of the Joe Crowley Student Union.