Every year, October marks Breast Cancer Awareness month in the U.S. But, for women living with a stage four diagnosis, every month is dominated by medical treatments. Cancer warrior Jeanine Patten-Coble transformed her own struggle into a reprieve for others with Little Pink Houses of Hope.

We met Jeanine in Tahoe City, where the group wrapped up a trip to the lake. "We are swinging in the trees at adventure parks and going out on wonderful boats during the day,” Patten-Coble says of some of the activities planned for the guests.

While there are no actual little pink houses - the color is symbolic of breast cancer awareness - the group does house entire families for all-inclusive week-long vacations while they go through the breast cancer journey.

"We provide free housing, free meals, we organize all the activities,” says Jeanine of the program. “So families can hit the pause button on their cancer treatment and really enjoy re-connecting as a family."

"Children talking to other children and husbands talking to husbands. It's really an impact that fills you up," Angela Brown tells us of her experience with Little Pink Houses.

Founder Jeanine Patten-Coble came up with the idea for the retreats when she was facing her own cancer diagnosis and realized her family not only needed support - they needed a chance to get away from it all for a few days.

"You're so worried about treatments and appointments and just how you're gonna feel on any given day. So, to be able to have somebody else plan everything else for you, it just makes it so easy,” says Patten-Coble.

This month Little Pink Houses of Hope planned and provided a week-long vacation at Lake Tahoe for nine families.

Lisa Lyons traveled from Utah with her husband and kids. "Being stage four, you just don't know what's gonna happen next, so to be here - and all you wanna do is make memories with your family, so to have that opportunity this week has meant everything to me."

Reno resident Angela Brown is also a stage four cancer patient.

"The talks about mortality are just all the time,” says Angie. “And it can just consume you".

After being treated to a getaway over the summer, Brown is now volunteering at the Lake Tahoe retreat. She even used her local connections to secure donations for the program.

"We're really, really blessed because the Tahoe community is so supporting of our programming," says Jeanine.

Lyon says she’s moved by the experience. "I just feel so refreshed after this week. It's just what we needed."

Little Pink Houses of Hope retreats are held all over the U.S. Applications for 2018 are now being accepted. 

Little Pink Houses of Hope main page - https://www.littlepink.org/