School has been in session for more than a month now but Washoe County School District Police want to remind everyone to slow down around schools, especially in a school zone.

One viewer sent us an email regarding speeding around Double Diamond Elementary School saying they constantly see speeders and say they're concerned for the children. "They need to be aware of the safety of the kids that live around here that go to school here," says Kristin Mathewson of Reno. 

Washoe County School District Police say they have added improvements to the area to help with traffic, including adding another light to slow down drivers, as well as adding new crosswalks to help with pedestrian safety. "There are audio signals now that tell you when to cross and when to not cross so that is helpful for the kids as well as the parents," says Officer Rojer Markesen of Washoe County School District Police.

Markesen says that they are doing everything they can to keep students safe near all Washoe County Schools. An officer comes in at 7:00 am before school even starts, and multiple officers are dedicated to patrol schools and look for crime and speeders. 

Markesen says that if you get caught speeding in a school zone the tickets are not cheap and it adds more penalties to your driver license. "It's not just a one point violation but a four point violation so when you go to court that plays a major role on if you get to keep your license, it affects your insurance." 

If you ever have any complaints around your child's school, such as speeding in the area, you can call school police at 775-348-0285