From the City of Reno:

The Grove Street Sewer Rehabilitation Project (2017 Sewer Rehabilitation Phase I Project) will replace the sewer line in Grove Street from Kietzke to South Virginia Street and two small sections on Flagg Street and Yori Drive.  These types of road closures are common within the City of Reno to properly maintain our sewer infrastructure.  

The concrete sewer in Grove was installed in 1956 (62 yrs old) and is at the end of its service life.  And will be replaced with a new PVC sewer. In addition, we have had a large amount of ground water infiltration into the sewers in this area.  This project is to help mitigate this issue.  

Project Schedule   

  • August 21st thru September 15th   - Sewer replacement & Road Closure* on Grove from Kietzke Lane to Yori Drive.  
  • September 16th thru October 6th – Sewer replacement & Road Closure* on Grove from Yori Drive to 200’ East of Wrondel Way.  Additional Road Closures on Yori Drive from Linden Street to Gove Street, Yori Drive from Grove Street to Stoddard Drive, Flagg Street from Grove Street to Stoddard Drive.  
  • October 7th thru October 20th – Sewer replacement & Road Closure* on Grove Street from Wrondel Way to Virginia Street.  
  • Oct 18th thru October 24th - Permanent asphalt replacement from Kietzke Lane to 350 feet West of Wrondel & portions of Flagg Street and Yori.

Road closures are for through traffic. Residential and commercial access will be provided during construction.