The SouthEast Connector project is going to be completed spring of 2018 and some viewers have concerns about what type of vehicles will be allowed on the much needed roadway connecting Sparks Boulevard and Veterans Parkway.

Channel 2 viewer Valerie Landers Truce sent us a message asking, "Will there be limits to the type of traffic that'll be allowed on the new SE Connector?" RTC says, no, there will not be limits, more specifically semi-trucks will be allowed, but they don't expect it to be a problem.

Here's why: Trucks can't get to the SouthEast Connector from South Meadows Parkway because much of the Double Diamond area has restrictions for trucks so access will be limited for industrial type businesses near there.

There's a similar situation down on Mira Loma and Pembroke Drive. Those are already designated no truck routes so access to Longley Lane area businesses as well as FedEx on Rock Boulevard will not be possible from the SouthEast Connector.

Even if there was unlimited access to truckers, there will be 13 traffic signals, a roundabout, and a speed limit of 45 miles per hour so any speedy truck drivers will most likely just stick to the interstate.

Thanks for the question Valerie! You can send your traffic questions to

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