Damonte Ranch High School students etched their name into history on Thursday, just before the final beam of the school's expansion building was put into place.

“We're able to do this today because of the support of the community and the passage of WC-1,” said School Board Trustee Veronica Frenkel.

The new $10.7 million project will add 22 new rooms to the school. Which breaks down to a number of standard class rooms, science labs and special education spaces for students. These new additions will help to alleviate over-crowding in the Damonte Ranch halls and classes, by providing more space to students and teachers as the population of the school grows closer to 2,000.

"Having 40 people in a class with one teacher, it's not a good student teacher experience and then when you have these less populated classes you get more learning time, you get more one-on-one interaction with your teacher,” said Student Body President Megan Flynn.

But despite Thursday’s topping out ceremony, a lot of work still needs to be done. The expansion still needs decking on the second floor and all of the interior walls. But when it's complete next semester, students and staff will be ready to move in.

The school district says all indications point to a January finish. By contract, the expansion must be finished by March.