At an extra cost, parents who bring their children to the Kids ‘R' Kids daycare center have access to video that shows what their child is doing. Amanda Lee says what she saw happen to her child on Tuesday is unacceptable.

"That's when he was on the floor with the book and she felt it necessary to go and yank him off the ground and throw him to the side and not just that, but shove him without even looking back at him,” said Lee.

She has since taken her son to the emergency room as a precautionary method, where results have shown that his arm is okay. But regardless, this mother says her fight against the daycare is not over.

"I'm not holding back, I’m protecting my child, as any mother would do."

But Amanda isn't the only one who sees this kind of behavior as unnecessary. In a single day, the video has already been shared thousands of times on Facebook. Helen Jamison, the owner of the Kids ‘R’ Kids daycare in Reno has also taken disciplinary actions into her own hands.

"The employee no longer works for us,” said Jamison. “People look at this one person and they're judging everybody by that, but that's not our school, that's not our staff."

Due to the severity of the incident, the Kids ‘R’ Kids corporate office is getting involved too. Corporate CEO David Vinson says they don't condone this type of behavior, so they'll be conducting a deeper investigation.

"What was the classroom setting, what was going on, any additional training that needs to take place within the school and just supporting the owner all the way around,” said Vinson.

Washoe County Human Services is also conducting an investigation of its own. The Kids ‘R' Kids disciplinary policy says that physical punishment toward a child is prohibited. Teachers are instead instructed to guide the kids toward appropriate behavior.