As of last week all of the snow has melted off of the Mount Rose Ski Resort area itself, but on Mount Rose proper there are still some patches of snow left. What might seem like a small piece from afar could actually be deep enough to ski on. According to Randall Osterhuber of the Central Sierra Snow Lab, it is not uncommon to have patches of snow linger through the summer, especially in spots facing northeast away from the sun's strongest rays. It's more unusual to have them last through the entire year.

Back in April it seemed as if the snow would never go away, and one can only imagine how much snow would be left if we had a normal summer. Average temperatures from June of 2017 through August were the hottest on record in Reno since 1937 and 4th hottest at South Lake. From June through August, there have been 16 days at South Lake Tahoe above 85 degrees. The average is about 11. But right on cue with Friday being the first day of fall, cooler air is beginning to move in here. 

It's not unheard of for the Sierra to get it's first snowfall before the first day of fall and typically happens about every two to three years. Last year, snow was even reported as low as 5000 feet around October 3rd.

Snow down to the valley this early in the season is quite rare, but not for the mountains. Mountains can really be expected to start building their snow pack around the middle of November.

The Reno Tahoe International Airport usually sees it's first freeze sometime around mid October.