The Washoe County School District on Tuesday announced three possible alternative locations for the area's new high school. 

Alternative A is located east of Truckee Meadows Community College, Alternative B is located south of TMCC and Alternative C is located north of Wildcreek. 

WCSD maintains that the Wildcreek golf course site is still a viable option. Their team of engineers is currently carrying out what they call 'due diligence' to ensure that viability. Pete Etchart, the Chief Operating Officer for WCSD explains, "This is looking at the flood plain issues, the environmental impact, the traffic analysis, the airport issues, all of those specific items on whether this is a good site to build a school."

The Wildcreek Homeowners Association says it will take legal action against the Washoe County School District if it follows through with plans to build a new high school at the Wildcreek Golf Course.

The "Save Wildcreek' group announced Friday that their legal team found new information which deems that site unsuitable for such a development. The group would not immediately disclose those details, saying they want to give the district enough time to respond to those concerns before publicly releasing that information at their meeting next week.

Wesley Griffin, Chairman of Save Wildcreek explains that they are not opposed to a new high school to help ease overcrowding in other schools, but they do have their concerns. He says, "You could have the school or a golf course or you could have the school and a golf course. So let's work together on this, let's find a better solution, there are many better solutions."Members of Save Wildcreek have been long-time, vocal opponents to the project, citing numerous issues such as traffic, flooding, and what they say is the destruction of a long time community landmark.