The Reno Police Department says former Reno Police Chief Robert Bradshaw died Thursday night. Officers say they will wear mourning badges Chief Bradshaw's honor until he is laid to rest.

Friday morning Reno Police released this statement about the former Reno Police Chief.

Chief Bradshaw was one of RPD's longest serving police chiefs, having served in that position from 1981-1991.  Prior to coming to RPD, Chief Bradshaw served as Assistant Chief of the San Jose Police Department.

Chief Bradshaw is widely regarded as an expert in Community Oriented Policing and is credited for bringing that philosophy to the Reno Police Department in the late 1980's.  The Reno Police Department's motto, "Your Police, Our Community" may also be attributed to him.

RPD saw many other advancements under is command as he strove to professionalize the department.  The department's current deployment scheme of having 3 districts (North, Central and South) were developed by him.  He created the original Neighborhood Advisory Groups  as a way for the community to communicate with the department, which have since evolved into today's Neighborhood Advisory Boards and serve as a way for the community to communicate with its government.  

In 1987, Chief Bradshaw directed the department to begin a community satisfaction survey to gauge how the residents of Reno felt about RPD.  That survey has continued for over 30 years.

His daughter Kim Bradshaw retired from RPD after a long outstanding career as an officer, detective and sergeant, having worked in many assignments in the department.

After serving with RPD, Chief Bradshaw spent time with the Nevada Highway Patrol and later served as the Chief of Concord, CA Police Department.

In his honor, Reno Police officers will be wearing mourning bands on their badges until he is laid to rest.

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