There are many little mouths to feed this time of year at the Nevada Humane Society. The shelter shays it is seeing dozens of cats and kittens arrive at the shelter each day, but the supply of feline food is "critically low." It is asking for donations of cat and kitten food including both canned food and dry kibble. Officials say any name brand is welcome but NO fish flavors. They also add that dog food is NOT needed right now. 

You can drop donations off at the shelter between 11 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. either in Reno or Carson City. The Reno location is at 2825 Longley Lane and the Carson City location is 549 Airport Road. There is even a way to help online using Amazon or Chewy. Food should be shipped to the Reno location.

For adult cat food needs, click here and for kitten needs, click here.

According to the NHS kitten season began in March (that time of year when kittens are coming into animal shelters right and left), it’s still going strong. There are thousands of kittens that go into Nevada Humane Society’s Foster Program each summer—a program that allows them to grow big and strong while being socialized during their first weeks of life in a temporary home. Nevada Humane Society provides foster families with all of the needed supplies—including cat and kitten food. In addition, the increasing number of cats during this time of year adds to the demand for adult food.