Former Nevada State Treasurer Kate Marshall announced that she is running for Lieutenant Governor of Nevada. The democrat also launched an official website Wednesday with the announcement. She joins republican Michael Roberson who announced his run in August.

Marshall won the 2006 election for State Treasurer after serving as Senior Deputy Attorney General under Attorney General Frankie Sue del Papa from 1997 to 2000. In 2014, Marshall lost a narrow race for Secretary of State to Barbara Cegavske.

Several of Nevada's top democrats are endorsing Marshall including Senator Catherine Cortez-Masto, former Senator Harry Reid, Rep. Dina Titus, Rep. Jackie Rosen and State Senate Majority Leader Aaron Ford and State Assembly Speaker Jason Frierson.

“I’ve spent my career in public service putting the interests of Nevadans first,” said Kate Marshall in a statement. “During my time as State Treasurer, I set political posturing and gamesmanship aside, working with both parties to get the results Nevadans depend on. Working together we made our state government more transparent, we found innovative ways to diversify our state’s economy and increased educational opportunities for all of Nevada’s students while saving taxpayers millions of dollars.

“Every parent expects a better life for their kids. But today, many Nevadan’s fear that the opportunity for a better life will be out of reach for their children. Nevada can do better for its citizens. We must do more to create the future Nevadan’s expect. We can encourage economic diversification to create new, well-paying jobs while bolstering our existing economy. We can strengthen our ethical standards so Nevadans have continued faith in our public leaders. And we can level the playing field for all Nevada families, ensuring that educational opportunities, good job opportunities, and a path to prosperity are in reach for today’s generation and for our next generation’s workforce. I will be a Lieutenant Governor that puts politics aside to get results for all of Nevada – from Reno to Las Vegas to Elko and everything in between. I will fight every single day for you just as I always have done.”