Need 2 Speed, Reno Police, Nevada Highway Patrol and Zero Teen Fatalities teamed up to help teach young drivers and the dangers of driving under the influence. Police gave seven teens the chance to drive go karts wearing DUI impaired goggles, they hope by letting them try the goggles on it will help them realize the dangers of driving under the influence, "They might go to a graduation party, a prom party and how a little bit of alcohol can not only affect they way they operate not only cars but go karts in this case," says Officer Tim Broadway with the Reno Police Department. 

The drivers got the option of wearing one out of the three goggles provided, the goggles range from just below the legal limit to above the legal limit. Even though it was fun driving the carts and watching their friends hit every wall, Zero Teen Fatalities wants to make sure the young drivers take it seriously in the future, "It's fun to watch and funny to see but impairment has a serious consequence for your ability to drive," says Kevin Moore with Zero Teen Fatalities. 

Not only is driving under the influence dangerous but it can become very expensive if you receive a DUI, "It is an automatic 90 day suspension you can also look at fines up to including DMV fees, court fees, upward to six to $10,000," explains Broadway. For these teens it was definitely an eye opening experience, "My vision and every time I moved my head I felt like I had a bad case of vertigo and I felt like I was just spinning around and couldn't stop spinning, It was a lot more different than what I was expecting it to be," says 18 year old, Sy Malloy.

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