On Sunday, Sparks Police responded to a multiple vehicle crash at the intersection of Vista Blvd and Wingfield Hills Road around 2 p.m.

An investigation determined that a vehicle had been traveling southbound Vista and drifted into northbound traffic as it entered the intersection, through a red light. The vehicles in the northbound lanes were stopped for the red light.  The vehicle then struck three vehicles and a motorcycle, pushing one vehicle into the southbound lanes. The collision also left a lot of debris in the northbound lanes.

Initially it appeared that the motorcyclist had sustained major trauma, which forced the closure of the northbound and partial southbound travel lanes of Vista for over an hour. It was also unknown how what injuries the driver of the initial striking vehicle sustained.

It was later determined that both injured parties had sustained non-life threatening injuries, after they were transported to Renown medical center.

It was also determined that the driver of the initial striking vehicle may have had a medical incident, just prior to the crash; and alcohol or drugs were not a factor. One other driver sustained minor injuries.

Sparks Police want to remind drivers to duty to obey these closures.  Drivers who fail to do so, could receive a citation for driving through road closures, but more importantly could put public safety officials and others safety at risk.