Women make up nearly half of the U.S. labor force drive more than 70% of all consumer purchasing.

A Reno entrepreneur took notice of this many years ago and now focuses her energy on businesses for and by women. We caught up with her between work trips.

In her home office, Jen Gurecki shows us the SOS All Mountain skis created by Coalition Snow https://www.coalitionsnow.com/. “This is our best seller and Skiers Choice Award for Powder Magazine,” she explains.

The company creates skis and snowboards designed exclusively by and for women. Coalition Snow sells its sports equipment across the U.S. and internationally. It is the brain child of company CEO, Jen Gurecki.

"We're a team of skiers and snowboarders, who have been playing in the mountains our entire adult lives," says Gurecki. “What we realized is that women didn't has as many choices as men when it came to high performance skis and boards.”

Since launching four years ago, the product line at Coalition Snow has grown and is being recognized by athletes and prominent publications. Gurecki says what sets them apart is the variety of sizes and shapes that cater to women. "When you have a women's ski that is designed around performance, it actually makes you better."

Women in business is nothing new to Gurecki, she has been working on gender equality and women's rights for decades and also has a company called Zawadisha https://www.zawadisha.org/ in East Africa. "We provide things like solar lamps and clean cook stoves and rain water tanks on credit to women in rural Kenya."

In her home, Jen has a various artifacts from Africa and still travels there for work, but here in Reno, in addition to Coalition Snow, Gurecki also works on something called Women As Change Makers, http://www.wacm.co/  a networking symposium that happens once a year. "And what we do is we bring together exceptional speakers who facilitate really engaging workshops for women who want to look at developing their leaderships skills,” says Jen.

And if it sounds like Gurecki is unbelievably busy running three business enterprises at once - she is.  She admits it's hard, especially when she doesn't get the win she's after. "My life revolves around my work,” she laughs, a bit wistfully. “Luckily, there's a lot of meaning in my work, and I know that every day what we're doing is making the world a better place."

If you would like to attend the Women As Change Makers summit, it is


ATLANTIS CASINO RESORT, 3800 S. Virginia St., Reno, NV 89502


For tickets; http://www.wacm.co/