CrossFit is fueled by power under pressure; it is physically grueling and mentally-taxing, too. At a competition this weekend, however, you will notice much more than the grit it takes to push, pull, snatch and press. You will also see a whole lot of heart. "Honestly, this is the best event of the year for us," shares Evven Gardner, who will compete on one of CrossFit Bangarang’s six teams that train at Evoke Fitness on East Patriot Boulevard in Reno. The fifth annual 'Pulling for Our Little Heroes' event is back at the Sands Regency Casino in downtown Reno. Complete with CrossFit, weight-lifting and beach volleyball competitions, teams will go head-to-head – flexing their muscles as a way to offer strength to the smallest in our community who need it most. "It's 100% fundraising,” explains Carlos Hernandez who started the event five years ago. “Every penny we raise goes to Northern Nevada Children's Cancer Foundation." He started it after watching his co-worker's daughter battle a rare and aggressive form of cancer. "I found out real quick that cancer is very real and it's not picky on who it chooses."

Little Kylee LeSourd fought a brain stem tumor valiantly. Years after her passing at eight years old, her father is honored to continue her fight. "It's quite an honor to have my daughter's name affiliated with this,” shares Kehl LeSourd. “We lost our daughter to cancer nine years ago. It's a way to give back and to fight back against cancer.” Kehl organized a team which makes up 27 CrossFit teams in the sold-out competition. He says working out together is a special part of this event. "It's a group thing and that's why I like this event. It mimics what you have to do fighting cancer."

This weekend, athletes are looking forward to pushing themselves and each other. "How do you not give whatever you have left and empty the tank?  It's not about us really," says Evven who has been part of the event since the beginning. She feels honored to raise as much money as possible to help annihilate cancer with her team – for kids who are in the ultimate battle. Carlos is honored to have so many athletes rallying behind this event, too. “You surround yourself with these people and good things really happen."

The weight-lifting portion of the event starts Friday, September 8th at 4 p.m. CrossFit teams will begin competing at 7:45 Saturday morning at the Sands located at 345 N Arlington Ave, Reno, Nevada 89501. While spots are filled up to compete, there will be silent auction available to spectators and the teams will also earn points for the amount of money they raise. To find a team, log on to