Nevada State Treasurer Dan Schwartz announced his run for governor Tuesday in Las Vegas. 

He told us that he wanted to run for governor following last October's special session of the Nevada Legislature because he wanted funding for Education Savings Accounts, or E.S.A.'s. 

"Instead, we approved $750 million tax revenue for a football stadium, a $2 billion football stadium, and zilch for the E.S.A's," said Schwartz. "I had a real problem with that."

As governor, Schwartz says he would improve education and encourage jobs that promote a tech-savvy economy.

We asked Schwartz his thoughts on possibly running against fellow republican and Nevada Attorney General Adam Laxalt. Laxalt has not formally announced his candidacy for governor, but is expected to do so in the near future.  

Schwartz congratulated Laxalt on his endorsement from Nevada State Senator Michael Roberson. However, he believes he has better chances than anyone in June's primary. 

"I have the managerial experience, the businesses I've run have all been successful, I've gotten paid for it they've contributed to the economy and we've created jobs," he said. "Nevada hasn't had anyone with that experience and that motivation in a long, long time." 

Schwartz also said we need to put an end to what he called "pay-to-play,' what he referred to as the influence that political lobbyists have on elected officials.