The ride-sharing business known as Uber is bringing a popular service to Reno. The company's food delivery option called UberEATS will be launching locally on Wednesday.

Not only does this service help to expand the audience of local restaurants in town, it also provides a convenient way to eat without leaving your home.

Rawbry in Downtown Reno is one of 50 local shops in Reno and Sparks partnering with UberEATS.

“We're excited as an owner to do that and offer our goods out into the community, but also as a user I’ll be using UberEATS all the time,” said Rawbry owner, Brianna Bullentini.

The online and app based business is much like its ride-sharing counterpart. The biggest difference is you can order food. Once you've placed your order, an Uber driver will then pick up your food, and bring it straight to you. Mayor Hillary Schieve was the first to use the service in Reno.

"We think it's a great relationship with local food purveyors and Uber, it's a great combination,” said Schieve.

UberEATs general manager Clay Carroll says the company will use some of the current Uber drivers in town to make deliveries. However, he says the company is also looking to hire a new driver base that’ll focus strictly on picking up food, rather than people.

“The drivers are compensated by the pickup, the time and the distance between the restaurant and the end location, as well as the drop off,” said Carroll.

For each delivery, consumers pay a booking fee of about $6.00 to cover operational costs. Bullentini says the small charge will be well worth the convenience.

“I think it's going to be very popular and it's going to help maybe the neighborhoods that are way south to have some of that urban taste that they can't conveniently get,” said Bullentini.

The UberEATS service will officially launch to Reno residents on Wednesday, September 6th.