The Northwestern University marching band is getting ready for its first big performance of the year.

Fans are excited about the game but they're still learning about their opponent.

"I know they're the Wolf Pack. That's their mascot, correct?" asks Alison Grant.

Chris Jeffries adds, "I know that Colin Kaepernick went there. I know they play a fast offense. Wolf Pack. Go Wolf Pack."

Places like Beck's Bookstore are also ready for football season with shelves and racks full of Northwestern gear - a school that's typically known more for its academics than football.

"So, we have Nerdwestern. Just representing for all you nerdy people out there."

Jeffries says the town already has a buzz ahead of tomorrow's kickoff.

"We're opening early just to get those early crowds. There's going to be tailgating, hanging around… Definitely, we're excited about tomorrow and the upcoming game."

Crews are putting the final touches on the football field and that's where we caught up with some Wolf Pack fans. They're calling for a Nevada win and a great atmosphere.

"This is definitely something new. This is the first time we got to come out here a day early. So, not only do we get to be on the sideline for the game, we get to see the city, see new places, try new food, all that fun stuff,” says Nevada sophomore Eric Schauwecker.

Nevada senior Colton Bosnos adds, "It's awesome. College football is the best time of the year. I mean, you can't get any better than this, right here."

Tomorrow's game is all about the final score. When it comes to best colors, the debate will go on.

"Is it safe to say that silver and blue is a far superior color combination than purple and white?" I asked.

"I would say that's incorrect. That's actually very false. Purple and white is far superior. Purple is very regal,” says Grant.

You can watch the game starting at 12:30 p.m. local time on Big Ten Network.