If you've driven past the University of Nevada, Reno, you've likely seen the sign that says gas selling for the price of an arm and a leg. What you may not know is that this sign is just one of the many fun gimmicks you'll find at Moe Alazawi’s Wolf Fastop.

“A lot of people come for the cheapest prices, a lot of people come before they feel at home here,” said Alazawi.

Moe and his wife have been running the popular gas station and mini mart for 17 years. They say they've made a lot of memories in that time, but their favorite part of it all has been creating relationships with students and wolf pack fans.

Daniel Gerber is a Wolf Fastop regular who said, "The way he deals with people, you could be here and show up without your wallet and he'll trust you to come back and take care of it."

Richard Laguna is another faithful customer who said, "When my daughter was going to school here, Moe let her park up here in the parking lot and she'd walk across the street, so it's been a part of our lives."

But in a day and age where so many new buildings are going up around UNR, you can only wonder, what's next? Well, after a few years of trying to sell the Wolf Fastop, Moe recently got an offer he couldn't refuse, but the store isn't the main attraction.

“It's not for the business, they're buying it for the property, they're going to build student housing on it," said Alazawi.

But Moe says the time is right. Every day he puts in nearly 16 hours at work and after 17 years on the job, he's ready to spend more time at home with his wife and family.

"Time to move on, retire and go enjoy the grandkids, I need to go build some memories with them."

The company buying the property is called the Park Seven Group and resides in New York. The CEO Ron Gatehouse says they have purchased land near UNR to do a development project, but they could not confirm any other nearby properties they've bought as well.